• Our goal is to extend and apply the recently designed “technologies of style” to Brazilian music.
  • We aim to provide powerful and innovative means for musical cultural heritage preservation, and boost the growing sector of Brazilian computer music.
  • François Pachet (SONY CSL Paris) has world known expertise in technologies for style capture and reproduction.
  • We are matching this expertise and technologies to the specificities of Brazilian popular music..

Brazyle, a project about Brazilian music style.

We capture the style of Brazilian musicians to archive it and use for automatic composition.

Our vision

We apply the “technologies of style” developed by François Pachet to Brazilian music...

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Our team

We are musicians, researchers, entrepreneurs, working in France and Brazil...

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Our technologies

We exploit cutting-edge technologies for capturing musicians' styles, based on the results of the Flow Machines project...

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Browse the videos, recordings and pictures we took during the sessions of style capturing and performances...

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"Brazyle" is made possible by the mobility program PVE (Pesquisador Visitante Especial) funded by Ciência sem Fronteiras (CsF), Capes and CNPq awarded to François Pachet to foster collaboration between Brazilian and foreigner researchers...."
"Pesquisador Visitante Especial" Grant

MUSTIC is a technology and design research group concerned in generating products and experiences that have real impact in education, arts and entertainment...
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Our "technologies of style" are developped in the context of the ERC (European Research Council) Advanced grant "Flow Machines". ERC grants are awarded to single researchers for funding ambitious research projects..."
European Research Council | Flow Machines Project

François Pachet is director of the Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris, which engages in fundamental research in cutting edge areas of science that are relevant for pushing the state of the art in computing. It is a sister laboratory of the Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Tokyo..."