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Below you can find more information about our team

About us

We are a group of researchers and musicians working in music and computer science. Our activities take place in Recife and Paris.

How we met

Brazyle takes its roots in a long established collaboration between France and Brazil. See the "Background" page for the full story.

Our activities

Our activities include recording Brazilian musicians (so-called "style capture sessions"), performances and concerts, joint academic work and exchange of students. See the "Outputs" page for all the details.

Meet Our Team

François Pachet

Director of SONY CSL Paris, researcher in music and AI, composer and guitarist

Geber Ramalho

Professor at UFPE and co-founder of the Mustic research group

Giordano Cabral

Prof. at UFPE, co-founder of Mustic, entrepreneur at Daccord

Mathieu Ramona

Researcher and software engineer at SONY CSL Paris

Fiammetta Ghedini

Responsible for science communication and dissemination activities